What I Ate Wednesday

I have to admit, this was not a good week for me at all. With my son’s birthday parties and the Jewish holiday Purim (where people give you gift baskets filled with candy, sweets and processed food) I had many obstacles in my way. For the past six weeks I have been eating so well and  excersisng. I felt like I was on top of the world and had such a great natural “high”. I felt like I had energy and felt really good about myself and my food choices. For me, having just one cookie is like telling an alcoholic to just have one drink. What started out as one cookie, brought me on a downward spiral that I am still trying to climb out of. Not only have I made bad food choices for the past two days but I have been exhausted, fatigued, worn out, irritable, angry, mad, on edge….in other words, a complete “Basket Case”! This has sure proven to me how powerful food is, not only to our health, but our emotions, energy levels, attitude and well being! It was also a wake up call about how I use food to try to de-stress myself….which never works! I wish my “emotional side” would listen to my “logical side”.

I decided that I am just going to pick myself up today, dust off the crumbs (literally!) and move on. Before my health coaching program I would’ve thrown in the towel and said, “Forget it, you failed, you might as well keep eating the junk.” But now I realize that if I am eating healthy 90% of the time, then eating not so great 10% of the time is not a super horrible thing. I stopped striving for 100% food perfection because it just leads to disappointment.

So today is a new day and here is “WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY”…


2013-02-22 09.45.38

Oatmeal/Banana “Cookies”: Mash 1 banana with 1/2 cup of oats. Form into a ball and place on baking sheet. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and push down with a fork. Add a blueberry in the center and bake on 350 for 20-30min (you want them to be a little brown and crispy)


Mid-Morning Snack:

2013-02-27 08.43.30

 I LOVE JUICING! This one has carrot, celery, greens, ginger and an apple. Oh and yes we have had two snow storms in the last week (this is my backyard).


2013-02-26 18.38.49

 Roasted broccoli with spaghetti squash (plus 1/3. cup of marinara sauce) and topped with nutritional yeast



2013-02-27 17.51.12

Dukkah crusted salmon, broccollini and fried onion/dijon mustard potato salad (no mayo)