Welcome to “This American Mama”

Welcome to “This American Mama”! This is a blog about everything and anything that comes under the category of “Mama”. We will discuss product reviews, food, books, nutrition, educational tools, natural parenting etc. I am a Mama of two beautiful children, a 3 year old boy and a baby girl. My husband and I moved to Kansas City 18 months ago. I am originally from Los Angeles but met my husband in Israel. I lived in Israel for four years before we came back to the States. We lived in LA for a year and then headed to the Mid-West! After I received my Master’s Degree in Education, I was a teacher for several years before becoming an educational consultant. I am currently a stay at home mom and loving it! I am also enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and soon will be a certified holistic health coach. My husband and I love to cook organic wholesome meals for our family and are big proponents of living a natural, healthy lifestyle. To read more about our focus on healthy meals please visit my husband’s cooking blog, This American Bite.

I have decided to call this blog “This American Mama” because my husband has always been a source of support and inspiration to me and we hope to encourage each other to blog and share our passions and ideas with the world. We thought the name was a good fit because just like our marriage, our blog names go hand in hand with each other.

I decided to enter the world of blogging because it has become apparent to me how valuable it is for parents to have a forum to discuss various topics. As an educator I have a passion and thirst for knowledge and I have made it my mission to research everything about parenting. My goal for this blog is to explore the inner workings of mama-hood. I hope you enjoy reading and I can’t wait to hear your feedback and read your comments. As parents, we want what’s best for our children and through knowledge and understanding is power…..the power to be a great thinking parent!