The Pooping Escapades

For the past two days my house has been filled with baby and kid poop! If you do not like to hear about baby poop then please do not continue reading…there, I gave my disclosure! Two nights ago (at midnight) my 4 1/2 month old daughter let out a horrible scream and then turned bright red as she started to make a pushing and grunting sound. When this continued for more than 30 seconds I knew something was really wrong.

I took off her diaper and was shocked to see that she was struggling to get poop out. It was just stuck there (in her butt), going slighly back and forth as she cried, but not coming all the way out. Her anus was swollen and inflamed and I started to panic. I decided to start doing reflexology on her feet and within 30 seconds the poop started to come out slowly but very hard, bright yellow and tubular shaped. She just screamed and cried. I have never heard her sound like this, it broke my heart! Once she pooped she was fine and started to giggle and smile again. I massaged her lower abdomen and soon I saw her smile drop and she started to cry as she started to poop again. Once again she screamed and cried and I worked on her feet to get it moving along. At this point her anus was so red and inflamed and  I knew she was really uncomfortable. Since it was midnight I couldn’t call anyone and so I followed my instinct and quickly pumped a bottle of breastmilk and poured it over her tush. I figured that if this was happening to an adult they would take an enema and since breastmilk can cure many things (if not most) I decided to pour it into her butt. The red inflammation quickly went down and she seemed to feel better.

So we swaddled her and put her back to sleep. I spent the next hour researching on the internet why this was happening and everything that came up was related to either formula fed babies or babies who just started solids, neither of which related to my little girl. The only explanation could be that it was something in my diet. For the past two days I was drinking raw cacao and that was the only thing I could think of that was different in my diet. So no more cacao for me 🙁

At six in the morning she woke up screaming and I knew she was having another bowel movement. To make a long story short the pooping escapades continued, but this time I was alone since my husband went off to work. While I was trying to calm and help her as she pooped I was also trying to get my son ready for preschool,call her doctor and other people who could give me advice. Thanks G-d, a friend of mine picked up my son and brought him to school for me. The Dr. wasn’t returning my phone call and so my doula/midwife friends told me to bring her to a chiropractor. When I was pregnant I saw a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy/kids chiropractic so I brought Eliana to see her. She adjusted her and saw that her T4 was out ,which could be constricting the large intestine. Eliana didn’t cry and smiled the whole time. Later that day she pooped and I could tell she was in a little pain because the poop was still hard, but not nearly as bad as before.

I finally got a phone call back from my doctor who said to give her water and an “over the counter” sypository. I asked him, “Why would I give a 4 month old baby water?” and he said, “she is obviously dehydrated and needs water”. I told him that breastmilk is a lot better (and safer) for dehydration and that a baby may  “fill up” on water, resulting in taking less breast milk. This then deprives her of essential nutrients. I also told him that water can stop a young baby’s body from absorbing the nutrients it needs from milk. It can also lead to an imbalance of electrolytess. And he just said, “well, that is my suggestion”. I was so disturbed by this!

WHAT!?!?!!! Why does my doctor not know this?

Last night I decided to have her sleep close to me in bed (rather than in her crib, which she started sleeping in one week ago) and she woke up every 2-3 hrs. to nurse, which she hasn’t done in a long time. At 8am I woke up to my son crying and when I opened his door I saw him standing next to his “big boy” bed with his PJs off, full diaper and poop on the carpet. I started to clean him up while I ran a bath because it got everywhere on him. Then Eliana woke up and started to cry and as I opened her diaper I saw that she pooped (not hard this time, yay!) so much and everywhere. At least she wasn’t in pain anymore! In that moment I wanted to warp into an octopus so that I could have more hands! Both my kids were covered in poop (not to mention my clothes, the carpet, their clothes, the changing table, my bed etc.).

It was a crazy shitty mess!

I got them both into the bathtub and by 9am I was ready for a drink (jk!). Needless to say Eliana is much better, no more painful poops. To gross you out even more, as I went to scrub the carpet I noticed that our dog was trying to help clean the carpet as well (I won’t tell you how…so gross!).

After the clothes got put in the laundry machine, kids fed, we got in the car to drive to Eitan’s “My Gym” class. He got a medal for accomplishing the “balance and agility” milestone. And as he stood up on the mat to get his ribbon I couldn’t help think that with all the poop these kids had and the shitty morning (literally!), I love and am in awe of them more and more everyday!

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