Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten/Dairy Free)

Both my husband and I love to cook (and blog!) and since we have people in our house every week for dinner parties we get to come up with new and creative recipes all the time. We have a dairy free house and we strive to use mainly fresh organic ingredients while we cook healthy, nutritious meals for our family.

Four things that I love to use in baking are: almond butter, pumpkin, coconut and chocolate. Lately, I have been experimenting with vegan, gluten and dairy free desserts. Now, before you run away because I said those “scary” words, hear me out. I know that the term “Vegan/Gluten-Free” has a bad rap. I have learned my lesson when presenting my desserts,never to tell people it is vegan/gluten free until after the first bite. They are always impressed with how good, flavorful, rich and chewy my desserts are. I have found that almond butter gives muffins and cookies a wonderful taste and texture. Because there is healthy oil/fat in the nut butter, you don’t have to add any other oil or butter to the recipe.Whenever I use almond butter my desserts have always come out nice and soft, which is my favorite type of cookie!

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Thank you “What Katie’s Baking” for asking me to write this blog post!