NY Health Coach Conference

It has been a long time since I have felt a transformative awakening rumble inside of me. When I signed up for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Conference in NY a few months ago, I thought I would learn some great nutrition information. While that did happen, so much more transpired. I felt that each person that spoke said to me exactly what I needed to hear and gave me such a beautiful gift, allowing me to reflect and open up to be my true and authentic self.  I got the opportunity to meet such loving and special people and they pushed me to think, go deep inside within myself and the whole experience truly touched my soul. The founder of IIN, Joshua Rosenthal, has been on my ipad screen since Jan. (gotta love online learning).He just seemed to be this “larger than life” figure until I got to meet him in person and talk to him at the conference. I got to speak to him for a few minutes and the way he listened, with so much love and intention in his eyes, just blew me away. Even though he was busy and rushing to get back on stage, he acted like I was the only person that mattered in that moment. What a special man! I can go on and on about each speaker but I wanted to share  some points that really stood out and touched me at the conference:

-Just because you have information, doesn’t mean you will act on it. Many people know how to be healthy, but as a health coach you need to be an expert in “Human Transformation” -Michael Ellsberg

-People are inspired by your success and your story!  -Michael Ellsberg

-There is a difference between the evidence of absence, and the absence of evidence. No one gets rich selling kale and so no one funds “those” studies -Michael Ellsberg

-Be professional encouragers! (The word “courage: is in that word for a reason). Demonstrate it, be an example and live it! -Michael Ellsberg

-Blue Zones: Many people live into their 100s by exercising naturally, eating a plant based diet (with small amounts of meat 2-3x a month), they eat nuts, seeds and beans, drink a little alcohol everyday (shot of scotch/glass of wine etc), have social networks, community and meet with friends on a daily bases, practice a faith, eat a big breakfast/small dinner, take naps and get plenty of sleep, stop eating when they are 80% full and they know their purpose in life -Dan Buettner

-The purpose of life is to live your life. You have it all, right now! Don’t live in the mindset,”When I get this or that I will be happy”. -Christine Hassler

-By staying comfortable, we feel we have complete control, which is a false perception. We do have choice (but not control)  -Christine Hassler

-You don’t need to learn to love yourself, you need to remember how to. Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyways. Where is FEAR stopping you? -Christine Hassler

-In between stimulus and response, there is a space, a space of freedom! -Christine Hassler

-Other people’s feelings/expectations are not your problem! Fall in love with yourself. Set up boundaries and learn to say NO!   -Christine Hassler

-Be a student of your life. Learn from your experience. YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM! Have high “involvement” and low “attachment”  -Christine Hassler

-Instead of spending most of your life avoiding what you dont want, go after what you do! Four steps to change: Awareness (what are your limiting beliefs?), Reflection (How does this show up in your life?), Change in the moment, Integration -Christine Hassler

-Celebrate the event, not the food. Remember the 5Ds to curb cravings: Distract, delay, distance, determine, decide  -Keri Gans



 Besides the amazing speakers I mentioned above it was amazing hearing from Joe Cross (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead) that inspired me to start juicing months ago. Donna Gates (Body Ecology), who opened my eyes years ago to the issue of Candida. Alicia Silverstone (actress), who spoke about MacroBiotics (fun fact:When I was a teenager I got my first kiss during her movie, Clueless). Dr. Andrew Weil, who made it clear the importance of an anti-inflamatory diet. Alex Jaminson (The Great American Detox) who gave such great advice about detoxing.Watching Latham Thomas from Mama Glow reinforced my passion and desire to work with pregnant women, mamas and children in my practice! Plus so many more!



Being in the Big Apple, where it is constant hustling and bustling, everyone rushing to go go go, I found such serenity at this conference at the Jazz at Lincoln Center (not to mention my lunch walks in Central Park). The  crazy night life, bright lights, big buildings were shocking to my system but such a fun experience. I feel like I went on a Spiritual retreat, in the city (go figure!) and found an amazing inner peace, amongst the commotion. What a trip! I was happy to return to slow, quiet suburbia and when I saw my children and husband, once I landed in Kansas, I was reminded that there truly is “NO PLACE LIKE HOME”!