Stay at Home vs. Work:Can we have it all?

My whole life I have wanted to be two things: a mother and a teacher. Until I became a mother I loved living my dream by having my ideal job as a teacher. When my son was born (almost three years ago) I decided to stay home with him.  When he was nine months old  I took a part time teaching job, while my husband worked from home and took care of him. I loved that I got to have the best of both worlds, so to speak, and it was comforting knowing my husband was able to watch him. I then got a job as an educational consultant and soon after that we moved to Kansas.

Up until my daughter was born (four months ago) I was working part time as an educational consultant. I loved my job and was passionate about working with teachers and giving workshops. I got this job when I was a school teacher in Los Angeles and when we moved to Kansas I kept my clients by flying out West every month (and staying for a week) to work. I would then do remote consulting when I returned back to Kansas. Most of the time I would bring my son with me so he could see his grandparents, but the frequency slowed down a little when he turned two and became a paying customer to Southwest Airlines. My focus as a consultant was observing and debriefing with teachers, helping them in the areas of classroom management, differentiation, and curriculum. Before I got into my consultancy career I had the extreme honor and pleasure of being a school teacher. I can’t tell you how much I loved being in the classroom. Before I was married I would come home and spend hours upon hours writing lesson plans, correcting tests and homework and getting materials ready for the next day. This was the job I always wanted to do my whole life and besides the paycheck, I loved every minute of it! Being a school teacher became more challenging after I had my first child. All of a sudden I had other obligations in the evening and struggled with bringing my work home and the stress it put on my family.

I know there are plenty of teachers who have mastered the art of leaving school work at school. I admire their ability and if I ever find myself back in the classroom I will have to really work hard at doing this, for the sake of my family. Before I was married, I was working on my Master’s Degree in Education and also worked as a 5th grade co-teacher (in a private school in the Boston area). A few years later I became those 5th graders, 8th grade teacher. That class has a very special place in my heart and I loved those kids as if they were my own. As they have grown up I have been able to stay connected to many of them on Facebook. They are now in college and throughout the years I have had a few of them visit me when I lived in Israel and California. I am really excited that one of them is flying out tomorrow to visit me in Kansas!

I am now on a new adventure as I start a certification program to become a holistic health coach. In no way am I wanting to leave the educational world. I will always feel that my “calling” is in education.Now that I have children, I have also become passionate about making sure they eat healthy food and have become a lot more natural minded in my parenting apprach.I want to help become apart of change when it comes to how parents and schools feed our children/students. I would love to be apart of health and nutrition curriculum development and health/food reform. As P.E and other extra curricular activities are being cut and kids are eating more and more processed junk we are seeing obesity, sickness and diseases sky rocket.I care too much about the well being of children to sit idly by and not do something! I also feel that health coaching would allow me to spend more time at home with my children since I can have client sessions via Skype, during the weekends, nap time and in the evening.

I guess when it comes to motherhood and career my struggle is wanting to stay at home to raise my children and having a passion for helping others and making a difference in education. I have a hard time working and loving other children (my students) while someone else watches mine. I guess I want to figure out how to have my cake and eat it too! Is it even possible? Well… goal is to work very hard to find out!!!