In Search Of The Perfect Stroller…

When I was pregnant three years ago with my first child, my husband and I started to research strollers. I would ask all my friends about the pros and cons of their strollers, read product reviews and test out strollers at baby stores.  I had four requirements.

  1. I could attach a car seat
  2. It had an adjustable handle bar because my husband and I are tall (and we didn’t want to slouch over to push)
  3. It had a possibility for a 2nd seat attachment (for future children)
  4. Had non-plastic wheels so that it would hold up in different terrains (and provide a smooth ride).

Well the UppaBaby Vista 2010 fit all those requirements. We were so excited to use it when Eitan was born and have loved this stroller ever since! But the sad part about this stroller is that the additional seat attachment (aka Rumble Seat) has a weight capacity of 35 pounds and my son weighed 33 pounds when his sister was born (7 weeks ago). I was so disappointed when I came to the realization that we would need to buy another stroller….a double!

Six months ago I started my second round of stroller research. After many months of searching we decided on the City Mini GT (double) and boy, do we  love it! It has durable wheels, glides so smoothly with front wheel suspension, great turn radius and an impressive sleek look. Both seats lay completely flat so you can put a newborn in it (min. 5 pounds). The best part is it is unbelievably narrow for being a side by side. It is less than 30 in. wide so it  fits through standard doors. The break is hand operated, which I’m not sure how I feel about yet. I keep searching for the break wtih my foot, forgetting it’s on the handle bar. I love that it has a large multi-position sun canopy that is waterproof as well.

I have to give a huge “shout out” to Britax. They were not making strollers back in 2010 when we were looking. The more I research their company, the more I like them and the truth is, if I had to choose between an UppaBaby and Britax (single stroller) for my first child, I would have chosen the Britax. #1 reason is that it is cheaper and looks almost identical to the Uppa Baby. If you take the seats off both frames, you will see that they’re the same frame (one company makes both strollers). Britax’s 2nd seat makes for a much better double if you ever have the need. It reclines unlike the UppaBaby 2nd seat. I love that the UppaBaby has great storage space,but so does Britax. With the Britax you have zippers on all four sides of the basket so you can access it from all sides.

I also looked into the Britax B-Agile (side by side double). It was about $200 cheaper and has better accessibility to storage space than the City Mini GT.  The Britax B-Agile is a little lighter than the City Mini GT. When it came down to it I needed a stroller that my very tall 2 1/2 yr. old would last a long time in (he wears 5T and is in the 97 percentile). The City Mini GT was the tallest double stroller I could find. I brought him to the store and put him in five or six different strollers to test out. My main complaint about the GT is how difficult it is to get into the storage compartment, especially if the seats are in the lay-down position. I do feel that is a small price to pay for such a great stroller!

All three brands (UppaBaby, Britax and City Mini) have wonderful strollers and have great customer service. So now my stroller escapades has come to an end…or so I hope!

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