These are a few of my favorite (Healthy Sweet Treats) Things…

The other day I watched The Sound of Music and was reminded how much I love the song, “These are a few of my favorite things”! I would love to share with you some of my favorite healthy sweet treat blog posts.Almost every week my husband and I have a dinner party and if I make a dessert, I never use dairy, margarine, hydrogenated oil (I only use olive or coconut oil), soy or refined sugar and it is always gluten free. If you want to  know more about why I am such a “health nut”, please feel free to read a previous post I wrote called, “The problem with Sugar”. I love following food bloggers who strive to cook in a healthy way and so here are my favorite healthy-ish sweet treats. These are all dairy free and most are vegan/grain free. These are all kid friendly and believe me, you (and your kids) will not miss the processed, fattening, sugary junk that comes from a box, after eating these treats!

Homemade Granola BarsI love that this is an easy, fast, no-bake recipe!

Peanut Butter BallsThese are so dangerous because you can’t eat just one!

Chocolate Chip Raw (vegan) cookie dough ballsYes, this taste just like raw cookie dough but it doesn’t have eggs and is made with blended up cashews and oats!

Homemade Fruit LeatherI don’t add sweetener because fruit is sweet enough. My son thinks this is the biggest treat in the world!

Maple glazed cinnamon roasted chickpeas

Healthy cookie dough dip with crackers (made with chickpeas)

Grain Free chocolate chip “oatmeal” cookies:  Best SOFT chocolate chip cookies you will ever have!

Creamy Cashew Icing: This taste great on ANYTHING!

Pumpkin Bars with a maple frosting

Chocolate Avocado Mousse with Fresh Raspberries

Raw Peanut Butter Cheesecake: Out of this world delicious and no one will be able to tell it is soy and dairy free!

Flour-less Chocolate Cake: It is like eating fudge! So rich and decadent

Extra Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles


These are all great recipes to have your little ones help you with. What really inspired me to write this was watching “Not My Mama’s Meals” on the Cooking Channel. This is where Paula Deen’s son, Bobby Deen, takes his mama’s fattening but “Oh, so good!” recipes and changes them to a healthier version. I love the concept of this show and the best part is when Paula Deen, herself tries her son’s meals and is always blown away with how yummy his healthy version is. This show and these sweet treats show that tasty food doesn’t have to be full of junk!

Hope you enjoy these yummy treats and thank you to the bloggers who posted them  :)